Project Management Exam Lessons Learned

Top PMP Certification Exam Lessons Learned (2016)

List below is just our general finding about PMP exam researched by our company Tutoring Services, LLC.


  1. It’s very hard to study for this test without some level of foundation.  (luckily we have solution for that listed below)
  2. There are tons of study materials to chose from and many of them are outdated (luckily we reviewed which materials are up to date and help you increase your chances of passing your PMP exam)
  3. There tons of FREE pmp content out there, but many of the FREE content is not as good as what you see from PMP vendors who are on top of their game and constantly update their study materials.  (we have listed useful links for that)
  4. When preparing with PMBok, don’t assume that everything you see on there is on the test, many concepts that need to be reinforced are greatly covered in bootcamp, hence perception of what really is on the test can be diluted when only studying from PMBok.
  5. Make sure you use latest edition of PMBok as reference
  6. Getting PMP certification without specialization can leave you jobless (read more info about how PMP is used in real world and why it’s important to be more then just PMP certified)
  7. Trying to apply for PMI for your exam without any understanding of the full pre-requisites can leave you in the dark. (we provide links to information sites that can clarify PMI application process)
  8. Do not assume that PMP will cost only $500 just to take the exam, (consider time and money you spend for project management training materials)
  9. Do not just study from one set of FREE PMP practice questions use multiple, and do not just rely on FREE study materials, supplement it with some of the updated study guides.  (we list more tips and links below)
  10. When studying for PMP certification exam be ready to master Project Management lifecycles, try to envision cases of how they are used in real world.
  11. Do not get side tracked when studying for your Test with resources that you do not need or waist your time on.  Be sure to read reviews that we provide about multiple PMP Study options, then make decision of what is best (read below for more info)

What other Research our company has done to help you prepare for PMP exam?

In addition to listing several tips and lessons, above we have extensively reviewed PMP test taking community, and found out many things that students found interesting during PMP exam test, if you would  to see PMP Lessons learned by other students who took PMP test and see what they had to say then click on the link shown.  This can help you save tons of mistakes when preparing for this test, and give you an idea of what to expect.


PMP Certification Process

pmp certification process

Frustrated with all the study materials out there for Project Management Exam?


Here are some tips on how to help you prepare for your PMP exam.

Option 1.  Review Recommended Study materials described in this article.


Interested in picking the right study guide for your PMP Project Management certification test?  Applied already to PMI and ready to sign up for the test? Or perhaps, not sure what study materials are best to use?


We have uploaded variety of study help resources that can help students make up their mind when choosing which test preparation learning material to study from.   We have provided project management reviews, ratings for variety types of PMP exam prep materials.

View pm formulas, PMI institute application process, recommendations of what materials to study from, in the form of flash cards, exam secrets, boot camps, e-learning resources, mind and process maps.

PMP Tips, Tricks, Lessons Learned Certification Help and More

Chose from cheapest study books, compare prices.  Read detailed course content, for each type of study material, view free pmp practice exam samples.  See stories of what other students had to go through to pass their exam.  View road map and test preparation for your PMP certification exam.  Check our math PMP formulas here.

  • Find out secrets of how to study for your test.
  • How much money on avg it takes to prepare for this test.
  • What it would take to pass PMP test.
  • How focused you should be to be able to pass it.
  • Tutoring Job Opportunities for PMP experts in CT | NY NJ
  • Tutoring Jobs in PMP for USA

Visit our Study Guides for PMP exam.

Option 2. Get help from Local or online PMP Tutor.

PMP Training locally or online by independent tutors

Search for independent Local Tutors who offer Project Management lessons directly in your home.  Kewl part about this site is that there is no agency recurring comission fee, that means you can contact independent PMP Project Management tutors FREE of charge, then discuss scheduling and availability and get your first lesson for only $15, many tutors offer first lesson for that price!


Try your local tutor before you buy more tutoring sessions.  There is no middle man recurring agency fees, that means you do not pay for agency commission.


Option 3.  Search for cheapest PMP project management textbooks online.


Many students even sell PMP books directly to one another on campus, making it easy for you to save money on your book expenses!  Or you can search for cheapest PMP books online from multiple bookstores or buy direct from students, no middle fees!   Save Money, help us save the environment reuse old project management textbooks.

Option 4.  Study from PM Professional Training bootcamp based on your own schedule or from Practice Questions Simulations


View Best PMP Bootcamp Study option here, note it includes practice questions, mind maps and tons of other info that can help you prepare for your exam and in many cases is simply better then any other resources you will find on the market.

Plus it’s reasonably affordable.  However if you still find it not too affordable then don’t hesitate to visit this link to get access for 90 days to tons of PMP Practice Exam Questions.

Option 5.  Study from Live Online Exam Class


If you visit this link you will find live course offering for PMP Exam.  Meaning you can study with live instructor.  Live PMP instructor course in many cases simply better then preparing for your exam on your own.  Find out benefits of why that is from the link above.

Option 6. Study from Professional Training Learning Center.

Many companies offer have local training centers be sure to read reviews of PMP training centers before you enroll into any, else you may end up wasting tons of money for something you don’t need and can study using more affordable ways for your exam.  View more details on School Ratings site.


Are you prepare for your PMP Exam find out what are the pre-requistes here.


Knowing what topics to study is essentially , however knowing if you even qualify to take PMP exam is also important click here to find more info about PMP certification exam.

Did you know that PMP certification is widely recognized globally?


Meaning obtaining this certification is a good idea, especially if you want to improve your employment qualifications.

See how PMP/ITIL used in real life


Being certified in PMP improves your qualifications for job employment.  Visit this link to get an idea of how PMP is used in real life.

What is covered on PMP Certification test?


One lesson that you can learn from your PMP exam? Don’t forget when studying for your project management to be fully familiar with initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and closing stages. Also if you are in the process of creating  project for your PPM exam or want to impress your Boss with your professional set of PMP skills or simply trying to impress client, and want to make best use of project management templates, then check these project management templates out, they can save you time and money, when working on projects.



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